Psychedelic purple nude woman in tanning bed.   ···  
Bright blue pool water with sparkles.   ···  
Plastic green grass from sprinkler packaging.   ···  

Scale in this series is equally as important as the imagery, they work together. The Five foot large format prints are printed on luscious, thick (310 gsm) cotton rag paper.

 "To capture the nugget's sumptuous details, Grant shot the fast food with a macro lens and printed it at a supersized scale. The other works in the series, which include glistening packages of Wonder Bread and playful stacks of American Cheese, are similarly humorous, grotesque, nostalgic, and firmly grounded in a study of American iconography. The work is critical of the way an image can appeal to our immediate sense of self, one's country, and longing for an artificial past." Sarah Fritchey


Mega Nugget! T-Rex Perdue dinosaur chicken nugget printed on museum cotton rag 5 feet tall.   ···  
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