Artist Statement
I am a mixed media artist, using different materials and mediums to subvert systems and social norms. I often use found scenes or objects as my subjects. Imagery and ideas form anywhere from picking up garbage on the beach to sitting in traffic. A lot of projects (both works I make, and shows I curate) exist at the intersection of political wrongs and joyful aesthetics. My work grows from love of language, etymology, social justice, music and literature. These elements feed my practice, and give me the ability to provoke, confuse, and inform the viewer. I create and appropriate graphics, iconography, typography and text with glee. I love to include and critique pop culture in my work, and find it necessary to drag it on its face on the regular. I have been deeply inspired by Carrie Mae Weems, Barbara Kruger and Hannah Wilke. My intent is to create images that evoke emotion and unite us.

Using Format