Artist Statement

I am a mixed media artist, almost always in conversation with photography. I often use found scenes or objects, taken anywhere from walking on the beach or going to get coffee as either inspiration or as the subject of a photograph. A lot of my projects (both works I make, and shows I curate) exist at the intersection of political wrongs and joyful aesthetics. I like to take things completely out of context and connect them with something you probably know, in order to draw in the viewer and get my points across. I like for the viewer to have a clue of what they are looking at. My titles often feed information to my viewers, using graphics or typography, like the artist Barbara Kruger. Many of my projects are based in narrative, for example, Re-contextualizing Suburbia for Artist- Survival, for which I photographed mundane things you pass all the time in daily life with a macro lens. I was really missing NYC when I did that project. We miss so much running to the train, work or where ever, not connecting with each other or our surroundings. I want to display images that can evoke emotion and unite us.

Using Format