There is a framed hole in the wall in the living room. The frame’s opening is 19 inches wide, 16 inches high and 20 inches deep. Perfect for a mini-installation, an altar, a diorama, screening, streaming, sculpture, objects, and hopefully puppet shows. This tiny gallery space is in an old house, converted into a two-family, the house was built in 1907, in Port Washington, NY. This is a conservative town that desperately needs education, so public engagement is welcomed and encouraged. 

This framed cut out in the wall goes from the living room through to my bedroom in a makeshift closet. The space has a wide gamut of possibility yet the concepts or objects, videos or live puppet shows, will be fine tuned & be site specific to work in this small space. The art space is small and contained yet the home is open. There is a patio outside available to use for building, making, preparing art, having an opening or closing, etc…The kitchen and the studio are available to use. Special arrangements are possible. 

Artists can exhibit, perform, install, stream, show video or slideshows, puppet shows, etc.... 

Install :photograph and video the work. If you want to have an opening the same day  or within the month (it's artist preference).

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