I named this installation Pain is Pain for several reasons. I have heard people one up a person in pain. "My pain is worse than your pain." If you have pain, whatever the case, nobody's pain is better than anyone else's.  Another reason for the title was to address the pain involved in the use of narcotics legally or illicitly. Unfortunately, there is still such a stigma attached to addiction. For example, the media reports we are in an opioid epidemic. Opioid addiction has always been a crisis, now it is impacting more white people. This societal stigma often leaves one feeling ashamed and isolated. Whether you are a using dope off the street or you have a legal prescription it leads to many painful scenarios. Overdose, withdrawal, stealing, incarceration and institutions. Pain impacts all levels, body, mind, spirit.  This installation displays centuries of Women's Hysteria, now known as postpartum and the shitty protocols of the day in 2019. This visual leads to the hopeful understanding, working past judgment, and the planting of a seed. This seed could be for the large amount of people that do not want to deal with pain, especially other people's pain. Whether it be from illness, depression, addiction,  or injury. Many people say they understand, but remain apathetic.

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