A broken down red fence makes a zebra striped shadow on the street in Port WASHINGTON, NY.   ···  
The spiky shadow of Spring Grass on textured concrete at Nassau Community College Campus.Garden City, NY.   ···  
The shadows of 5 trees on the striped magenta and mauve  facade at Stop and Shop on Manhasset Bay, NY.   ···  
Private Cemetery fencing  painted with shiny black enamel against chemical green grass in SandsPoint, NY.   ···  
A free patch of sky with a silvery tension wire in the vibrant blue NYC sky sans skyscrapers, 112th street, NY.   ···  
A cool light gray concrete molded chair at the chess tables against a lime green patch of spring grass in the park, Manhasset, NY   ···  
Tar creating a pixelated looking shape on a building against a deep blue sky in Port Washington, NY.   ···  
Tiny stones in earthy neutral colors separated by 2  iron nails that together make up the shape of a triangle.   ···  
A fence covered by textured bright green astro turf against a blue cloudy sky.   ···  
Blue and white painted bricks at a Greek restaurant against a cirrostratus cloud and baby blue filled sky relate to each other in matching hues.   ···  
A shiny textured silver building with shiny red metal edging against the deep blue sky.   ···  
Multicolored string lights in the park at Springtime, Manhasset, NY.   ···  
An old Skee ball game with a colorful paint job that includes a navy blue front panel and striped orange and light orange trim at Laser Bounce in Levittown, NY.   ···  
A gloomy day in a weird parking lot with a chartreuse painted brick wall and a lumpy beige adjacent wall with a driveway in between, Farmingdale, Laser Tag.   ···  
A decrepit black and white alley wall reminiscent of a NY black and white cookie, Port Washington, NY.   ···  
The outside of a verdant green dumpster with chemical stripes and rusty paint chips. Carle Place, NY  (Dick Blick Parking Lot).   ···  
Arcade  multi colored carpeting with panache, next to painted purple and yellow stairs in Hauppague, NY.   ···  
A viewing dark window at Laser Tag next to a pink wall and a red plastic coated bench, Levittown, NY.   ···  
Stained by rust and water a painted white wall at the church down the street, Port Washington, NY.   ···  
A Kelly green rectangle in the upper left corner surrounded by industrial metal food service counter in Roosevelt Field Mall, NY.   ···  
A milky white and grayish storefront double door entrance is abandoned with a soft baby pink zip down the middle. Port Washington, NY   ···  
Black Paint peeling off the wall makes a nice shape reminiscent of Marc Rothko's darkness, and color use in Port Washington, NY.   ···  
View from above looking down at a painted cafe table top with the wooden floor below it. The table top has orange markings on white, beside a chartreuse and sage green pattern, this makes a striking color combination.Port Washington, NY.   ···  
A yellow metal Skee ball game has bright stripes of orange and purple at an arcade in Farmingdale, NY.   ···  
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